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Canadian Trademark Registration & Infringement Services

Trademarks Canada provides professional Canadian trademark registration and infringement services throughout Canada and abroad. Trademarks Canada is operated by Canadian intellectual property lawyer Zak Muscovitch, who is the principal of The Muscovitch Law Firm (Muscovitch Law P.C.). Zak is a Toronto trademark lawyer and experienced with Canadian trademark law and international domain name law since 1999. The firm is known as responsive and friendly and has taken on precedent setting cases against big companies like Torstar, Molson, and Google.

Importance of Trademark Registration

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) is a branch of the Canadian government. CIPO defines a trademark as "a combination of letters, words, sounds or designs that distinguishes one company's goods or services from those of others in the marketplace."

A trademark identifies you as the exclusive provider of your goods and services. It protects you against others imitating your brand and gives you exclusive rights to use it throughout Canada.

Canadian trademark law has developed to protect not only national businesses but international ones too. Our responsive and friendly trademark agent is well-versed in international intellectual property law. We understand the ins and outs of international trademark, domain name, and website law. Our team helps Canadians and non-Canadians who want to register a Canadian trademark, along with Canadians who want to register a US trademark. Trademarks Canada also offers local trademark agent services for foreign trademark professionals who need a Canadian trademark.

Your brand is the most important part of your business. Protect your brand through trademark registration services from Trademarks Canada. Our law firm will file and process the registration of your brand in Canada.

Experienced Canadian Trademark Lawyers

What experience does Trademarks Canada have?

Our knowledgeable trademark lawyer has appeared before the Superior Court of Justice, the Federal Court, WIPO, NAF, BCICAC, CIRA, and CIIDRC to argue cases. We are registered to appear before CIPO and follow the regulations and guidelines set by the authoritative bodies. Our trademark agent and lawyer reprsents clients victimized by trademark infringement, resulting in lost sales, damaged brand reputation, and expensive legal fees.

What is your goal?

Our goal at Trademarks Canada is to provide a complete trademark registration service – starting from explaining what a trademark is and ending with monitoring possible trademark infringements on a registered mark (and everything in between).

What benefits do I receive from you?

With the help of our knowledgeable trademark agent and trademark lawyer, you can avoid further losses and enjoy a safe working environment that respects your intellectual property rights. Trademarks Canada will provide you with all necessary services to register new trademarks or renew old ones so that you can be sure no one will have access to your market without your consent.

How does your process work?

Our trademark registration process is simple: We will prepare an application based on the information you provide us. The application will include a description of your trademark, its registration class, and (quite often) the name of the owner/applicant. We submit the information to the Trademarks Office along with an official copy of your original logo per our instructions and under the conditions we discussed before submission. Our team follows up on the progress of your application until it's registered or abandoned based on what happens next.

How do I maintain my trademark?

It is crucial for any company or individual who owns even one trademark to track trademark infringement and whether their trademarks are still valid and are not about to expire due to non-use or abandonment. Third parties can challenge your trademark registration, resulting in the loss of your trademark. You must respond to any notification questioning the validity or ownership of your trademark. This notice is to preserve your rights for the future use and protection of your property.


Zak Muscovitch's experience is an advantage when dealing with Canadian intellectual property matters. Trademarks Canada is open to any inquiries. Contact us if you have any questions about our trademark registration services or would like a free consultation. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.




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Why Trademark?

A trademark identifies you as the exclusive provider of your goods and services. It protects you against others imitating your brand and gives you exclusive rights to use in throughout Canada.




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